Golden Cove Boscobel
Golden Cove Boscobel
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We stayed at Golden Cove over Christmas with 25 members of our extended family. The Villa was good, not great. We knew that we were coming in with high expectations having stayed at a villa last year that was fantastic. This year, more family want...

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Golden Cove Boscobel

12 Bedrooms,
Distance from Beach: Waterfront Villa!
Distance from Airport:90 Minutes drive from the Mont
As low as $92 per person / night
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4 villas with 4 bedrooms each, waterfront villa about 15 minutes to Ocho Rios. Great for weddings and large family reunions. Newly refurbished villas with swimming pool, staff, sea kayaks


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4 Waterfront villas with 4 luxury bedrooms for a total of 16 bedrooms! Great for weddings, family reunions, special events!

Newly refurbished waterfront luxury villas! Enjoy the luxury and peaceful surroundings of these four luxury villas with your own beachfront, sea kayaks - this venue is great for snorkeling some of Jamaica's beautiful north coast reefs!


Golden Cove Villas is a private oasis tucked away near Ocho Rios, in Oracabessa. Four (4) luxurious waterfront villas with four bedrooms and bathrooms each. Your own sea kayaks and a beachfront that’s perfect for snorkelling some of Jamaica’s beautiful north coast reefs. Escape!


Golden Cove is a cluster of four luxury villas: Ann Marie, Jaime, Laura and Selma, situated on Jamaica’s beautiful north coast. Right on the waterfront, each villa is strategically placed to ensure that you have the privacy to make your stay an intimate one. With four bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms per villa, they each can accommodate up to 8 persons in the utmost style and comfort.


Ann Marie, Jaime, Laura and Selma each have a fully furnished kitchen; and their own uniquely and tastefully decorated living room and dining room areas. These open out onto the verandah facing the Caribbean Sea. The private downstairs verandah of each is ideal for relaxing in the cool Jamaican breeze, and in addition, upstairs bedrooms have a walk out veranda with a beautiful oceanic view.


There is no need to lift a finger for the duration of your stay. To ensure that you are well taken care of, accommodation at each villa is complete with housekeeping, a first-class chef and if specially requested… a butler who will ensure that your every need is fulfilled. If you need a driver we are happy to arrange with Jamaica Urban Transit Association (JUTA) tours for your transportation. All villas have TV, DVD and Internet access available.


• The sauna
• The thatched roof cabana by the poolside
• Beachfront property
• Snorkeling
• Kayaking in the ocean
• Four luxurious villas


It’s perfect for weddings, other special occasions, or just relaxing!


Villa #1- Ann Marie

A happy life consists in tranquillity of mind.
-Marcus Tullius Cicero

Villa #2- Jaime

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
-Helen Keller

Villa #3- Laura

To unpathed waters, undreamed shores.
-William Shakespeare

Villa #4- Selma

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure.
-Jawaharlal Nehru


Villas 1, 2 & 3- Ann Marie, Jaime and Laura, can be rented individually or together to accommodate up to 24 persons. Villa #4, Selma, can only be rented as part of the Premium Package of all four villas, which accommodates up to 32 persons.

There are 4 villas that have four bedrooms each. Each luxury villa has it's own:

* 4 bedrooms
* 4 bathrooms
* All bedrooms are air conditioned
* Fully equipped kitchen
* Own Living room area
* Own Dining room area
* All interiors are newly furnished with carefully selected furnishings for the exterior and interiors
* All villas have their own private verandah for relaxing downstairs
* Upstairs bedrooms also have a walk out veranda facing the ocean
* Housekeeping services, cooking services, and gardener/poolman
* Access to a large swimming pool with cabana - great for BBQ's
* Access to the waterfront / beachfront just a few steps away
* Sea Kayaks for the active and adventurous
* 15 minutes drive to Ocho Rios
* 5 minutes drive to the famous James Bond Beach, Golden Eye - original home of James Bond 007 author, Ian Flemming.

Great venue for large weddings or family reunions.

The villas can be rented separately as individual:

1 villa with 4 bedrooms to sleep up to 8 persons.

2 villas with 8 bedrooms to sleep up to 16 persons.

3 villas with 12 bedrooms to sleep up to 24 persons.

4 villas with 16 bedrooms to sleep up to 32 persons


Villa #1 is named Ann Marie
Villa #2 is named Jamie
Villa #3 is named Laura
Villa #4 is named Selma



There are 3 bedrooms upstairs with:
2 kings
2 twin beds
Downstairs there is a king bed



Golden Cove Villas  

1        LAURA………………Villa 1

2        ANNMARIE…………Villa 2

3        JAIME………………..Villa 3

4        SELMA……………….Villa4


Villas 1, 2 & 3 – Laura, Ann Marie and Jaime can be rented individually or together to accommodate up to 24 persons.

Villa 4, - Selma can only be rented as part of the Premium Package of all four villas, which accommodates up to 32 persons.


Chef to Pre-stock: the cost is $60 for the chef to take taxi to get prestock / his service for shopping.